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Solar eclipse Aug 2017

Solar eclipse Feb 2017

Lunar transit Jul 2016

Solar eclipse Mar 2016

Lunar transit Jul 2015

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Where does the imagery come from?

Bing Maps provides the high resolution imagery. NASA satellites VIIRS, Aqua and Terra provide the daily imagery. Globe images are captured hourly by DSCOVR.

When was the Bing Maps imagery taken?

Dates for Bings Maps imagery can’t be determined. Only NASA imagery is updated daily.

Why are some areas black/missing?

This is usually due to a delay in processing. However some areas such as the north pole during December and the south pole during June will be appear black due to the tilt of the earth and the Arctic Circle. Aqua/Terra imagery has some missing “stripes” around the equator due to the way those satellites orbit the Earth.

Can the imagery be licensed?

Bing Maps has an SDK. NASA imagery is free to use.