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LIVE Saudel (Pepito)

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC km/h mb
Oct 2618:00L30
Oct 2606:00L35
Oct 2518:00D451006
Oct 2512:00D551005
Oct 2506:00S751002
Oct 2500:00S75999
Oct 2418:00S95997
Oct 2412:00S95997
Oct 2406:00S95992
Oct 2400:00SS100988
Oct 2318:00SS110978
Oct 2312:00T140973
Oct 2306:00T140976
Oct 2300:00T150968
Oct 2218:00T140976
Oct 2212:00T130980
Oct 2206:00T120980
Oct 2200:00T120982
Oct 2121:00SS115983
Oct 2118:00SS110985
Oct 2115:00S95989
Oct 2112:00S85993
Oct 2109:00S85992
Oct 2106:00S85992
Oct 2103:00S85994
Oct 2100:00S85996
Oct 2021:00S80996
Oct 2018:00S70997
Oct 2015:00S80996
Oct 2012:00S85995
Oct 2009:00S80995
Oct 2006:00S70996
Oct 2003:00S70998
Oct 2000:00S651000
Oct 1921:00D601000
Oct 1918:00D551000
Oct 1915:00D551001
Oct 1912:00D551003
Oct 1909:00D551002
Oct 1906:00D551001
Oct 1903:00D501003
Oct 1900:00D451005
Oct 1818:00B351003
Oct 1812:00B351006
Oct 1806:00B351004
Oct 1800:00B351005
Oct 1718:00B351005
Oct 1712:00B301004
Oct 1706:00B301003
Oct 1700:00B301004
Oct 1618:00B301002
Oct 1612:00B301002
Oct 1606:00B301002
Oct 1600:00B30

Typhoon Saudel (Pepito) 2020

Last Modified:

LIVE satellite images and tracking maps of Typhoon Saudel 2020. Current wind speed 30km/h. Max 150km/h.

Tropical Depression Saudel, located approximately 117 nautical miles north-northwest of Da Nang, Vietnam, has tracked northwestward at 3 knots over the past six hours.

Animated enhanced infrared satellite imagery depicts a fully-exposed, defined low-level circulation with rapidly-decaying convection.

Overall, there is good confidence in the initial position and recent track motion.

The initial intensity is assessed at 25 knots based on a 25/17:40 UTC adt estimate of 1.5 (25 knots), which is consistent with the weak overall structure.

Environmental analysis indicates a marginal environment with moderate (15-20 knots) vertical wind shear (VWS) and weak outflow.

TD 19W slowed briefly but is now tracking westward along the southern periphery of a subtropical ridge (str) to the north.

TD 19W will make landfall within the next few hours and will dissipate quickly as it tracks inland over the mountainous terrain of Vietnam.

With the exception of jgsm, numerical model guidance is in good agreement supporting the JTWC forecast track with high confidence.

This is the final warning on this system by JTWC.

The system will be closely monitored for signs of regeneration.

Maximum significant wave height at 25/18:00 UTC is 11 feet (3.4 meters).

Information provided by JTWC.