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Storm Nakri 2014

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NASA satellite images and storm tracks of Tropical Storm Nakri 2014, July 27 - August 4.

Storm Nakri 2014

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC+8 knots km/h mph mb
Aug 408:00TD25995
Aug 402:00TD201007
Aug 320:00TD251004
Aug 314:00TD30992
Aug 308:00TD301000
Aug 302:00TS35996
Aug 220:00TS35996
Aug 214:00TS40993
Aug 208:00TS40993
Aug 202:00TS40993
Aug 120:00TS40993
Aug 114:00TS40993
Aug 108:00TS40993
Aug 105:00TS40993
Aug 102:00TS40993
Jul 3120:00TS40993
Jul 3114:00TS35996
Jul 3108:00TS35996
Jul 3102:00TS35996
Jul 3020:00TS35996
Jul 3014:00TS35996
Jul 3008:00TS35996
Jul 3002:00TS35996
Jul 2920:00TS35996
Jul 2914:00TD301000
Jul 2908:00TD201007
Jul 2902:00TD251004
Jul 2820:00TD201007
Jul 2814:00TD201007
Jul 2808:00-151002
Jul 2802:00-151010
Jul 2720:00-151010