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Tropical Storm Mindy 2021

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Satellite images and tracking maps of Tropical Storm Mindy 2021, August 31 - September 11. Max wind speed 45mph.

The structure of Mindy this evening has become quite diffuse, with a linear band of convection mostly associated with a prominent outflow boundary emanating away from the system. The last-light visible low-level cloud motions gave the impression that Mindy was opening up into a trough, with southwesterly flow ahead and northeasterly flow immediately behind the estimated center. Indeed, a ASCAT-A pass valid at 00:02 UTC suggested that Mindy no longer has closed cyclonic flow on its northeast side, with a lack of easterly wind vectors in this sector of the system. In addition, a rapidly advancing frontal boundary has already moved off of the Carolina coast and will soon be merging with the leftover vort-max associated with Mindy. The accumulation of all this evidence indicates that Mindy no longer meets the definition of a tropical cyclone, and this will be the final advisory on the system.

The post-tropical remains of Mindy have continued to accelerate to the east-northeast this evening at 070/25 knots, moving almost as quickly as the the maximum sustained winds, which is another reason why the circulation is likely no longer closed. This motion should continue for the next 12-24 hours with a gradual slowdown until what remains of the circulation becomes indistinguishable from the frontal boundary it is becoming embedded in.

Forecaster Papin. Information provided by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

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