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Typhoon Lekima 2013

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NASA satellite images and storm tracks of Super Typhoon Lekima 2013, October 19 - 26.

Typhoon Lekima 2013

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC+9 knots km/h mph mb
Oct 2703:00TS34980
Oct 2621:00PS45989
Oct 2615:00SS65974
Oct 2609:00TY75967
Oct 2603:00TY95952
Oct 2521:00TY100948
Oct 2515:00TY115937
Oct 2509:00TY115937
Oct 2503:00TY120933
Oct 2421:00TY125929
Oct 2415:00SU130926
Oct 2409:00SU135922
Oct 2403:00SU140918
Oct 2321:00SU140918
Oct 2315:00SU135922
Oct 2309:00SU140918
Oct 2303:00SU140918
Oct 2221:00TY125929
Oct 2215:00TY105944
Oct 2209:00TY90956
Oct 2203:00SS70970
Oct 2121:00SS60978
Oct 2115:00TS50985
Oct 2109:00TS45989
Oct 2103:00TS35996
Oct 2021:00TD251004
Oct 2015:00TD201007
Oct 2009:00TD201005
Oct 2003:00TD201004
Oct 1921:00-151010
Oct 1915:00-151010