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Cyclone Kenanga 2018

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NASA satellite images and storm tracks of Intense Tropical Cyclone Kenanga 2018, December 15 - 23.

Cyclone Kenanga 2018

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC+5 knots km/h mph mb
Dec 2311:00B251004
Dec 2305:00B291003
Dec 2223:00TD351003
Dec 2217:00TD351000
Dec 2211:00MS39998
Dec 2205:00MS45996
Dec 2123:00MS54991
Dec 2117:00SS60989
Dec 2111:00SS70981
Dec 2105:00C80976
Dec 2023:00C84973
Dec 2017:00C89968
Dec 2011:00IC99959
Dec 2005:00IC109939
Dec 1923:00IC115938
Dec 1917:00IC115944
Dec 1911:00IC115946
Dec 1905:00IC115945
Dec 1823:00C89968
Dec 1817:00C89960
Dec 1811:00C74975
Dec 1805:00SS70982
Dec 1723:00SS64987
Dec 1717:00MS54993
Dec 1711:00MS54993
Dec 1705:00MS51993
Dec 1623:00MS51993
Dec 1617:00C151993
Dec 1611:00C145993
Dec 1605:00C139993
Dec 1523:00C135996