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Hurricane Hilary 2005

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NASA satellite images and storm tracks of Category 2 Hurricane Hilary 2005, August 19 - 28.

Hurricane Hilary 2005

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC−8 knots km/h mph mb
Aug 2716:00TD251010
Aug 2710:00TD251009
Aug 2704:00TD251009
Aug 2622:00TD251008
Aug 2616:00TD251008
Aug 2610:00TD251007
Aug 2604:00TD251006
Aug 2522:00TD251005
Aug 2516:00TD251004
Aug 2510:00TD301003
Aug 2504:00TS351002
Aug 2422:00TS401000
Aug 2416:00TS45998
Aug 2410:00TS55994
Aug 2404:00H165990
Aug 2322:00H165987
Aug 2316:00H165986
Aug 2310:00H170985
Aug 2304:00H170983
Aug 2222:00H175981
Aug 2216:00H180976
Aug 2210:00H285974
Aug 2204:00H290972
Aug 2122:00H290970
Aug 2116:00H290972
Aug 2110:00H175979
Aug 2104:00H170981
Aug 2022:00H170983
Aug 2016:00H165987
Aug 2010:00TS55994
Aug 2004:00TS50997
Aug 1922:00TS401002
Aug 1916:00TD301006
Aug 1910:00TD251007