Tropical Storm Gonzalo 2020

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Satellite images, weather maps and tracks of Tropical Storm Gonzalo 2020, July 20 - 25. Max wind speed 65mph.

Gonzalo's structure has degraded further since the last advisory. Late-arriving ASCAT data showed a well-defined tropical wave with winds around 30 knots, but no clear evidence of a closed circulation. Grenada reported max winds of 28 knots with a gust to 40 knots, in line with the ASCAT observations, while multiple observing stations in Trinidad did not report any westerly winds as the system passed. There has been no evidence of a well-defined center in visible imagery since that time. Given the additional degradation of Gonzalo's appearance since it moved closest to those islands, it appears that the system has opened into wave and dissipated. Therefore, this will be the last advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical squalls associated with the remnants of Gonzalo will continue to move westward for the next day or so and could bring gusty winds and heavy rain to portions of the southeastern Caribbean. Please consult products from your national meteorological service for information specific to your area.

Information provided by NHC.