Tropical Storm Gamma 2020

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Satellite images, weather maps and tracks of Tropical Storm Gamma 2020, September 30 - October 6. Max wind speed 70mph.

Gamma was entirely devoid of convection for most of the day. Shortly before sunset, a few disorganized thunderstorms developed to the southeast of the cyclone's center, however these appear to be forced at least in part by a sea breeze boundary and are not exclusively associated with Gamma. A few other small cells of convection have developed to the west of Gamma's center during the past hour or so, but not nearly enough to be considered sufficiently organized to meet the requirement for a tropical cyclone. Gamma is therefore now considered to be post-tropical and this will be the last NHC advisory.

The cyclone could still produce some additional disorganized convection and periods of heavy rain overnight as it moves inland over the Yucatan peninsula, but this is not expected to result in significant regeneration. Some of this rain could impact areas that are preparing for the much more significant approach of Hurricane Delta in a day or so. The cyclone is moving southwestward near 5 knots, and this should continue for another day or so until it dissipates. The winds associated with Gamma's remnants should gradually weaken through that time, though the system could still produce a few areas of heavy rain over southeastern Mexico.

It is worth noting that several model trackers, and consequently the consensus aids, depict that Gamma will move northward over the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen significantly in a couple of days. This is because the trackers lose track of Gamma when it dissipates and start following nearby Hurricane Delta instead. In reality, no models forecast that Gamma will remain a well-defined cyclone for more than another day or two.

Information provided by NHC.