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Hurricane Ernesto 2006

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NASA satellite images and storm tracks of Category 1 Hurricane Ernesto 2006, August 24 - September 4.

Hurricane Ernesto 2006

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC−5 knots km/h mph mb
Sep 401:00PD201014
Sep 319:00PD201015
Sep 313:00PD201015
Sep 307:00PD201014
Sep 301:00PD251014
Sep 219:00PS351012
Sep 213:00PS401010
Sep 207:00PS401007
Sep 201:00PS401005
Sep 119:00PS401002
Sep 113:00PS40997
Sep 107:00TD30991
Sep 101:00TS50985
Aug 3122:40TS60985
Aug 3119:00TS60988
Aug 3113:00TS60993
Aug 3107:00TS55995
Aug 3101:00TS45999
Aug 3019:00TS351000
Aug 3013:00TS351001
Aug 3007:00TS351002
Aug 3001:00TS401003
Aug 3000:00TS401003
Aug 2922:00TS401003
Aug 2919:00TS401004
Aug 2913:00TS401005
Aug 2907:00TS401006
Aug 2901:00TS401006
Aug 2819:00TS351007
Aug 2813:00TS351007
Aug 2807:00TS351005
Aug 2806:15TS351005
Aug 2801:00TS401004
Aug 2719:00TS401003
Aug 2713:00TS451002
Aug 2707:00TS55997
Aug 2701:00H165992
Aug 2619:00TS55995
Aug 2613:00TS55997
Aug 2607:00TS50997
Aug 2601:00TS45999
Aug 2519:00TS401002
Aug 2513:00TS351004
Aug 2507:00TS351005
Aug 2501:00TD301005
Aug 2419:00TD301007
Aug 2413:00TD301008