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Hurricane Alberto 2000

Date Time Type Wind Pressure
UTC mph mb
Aug 2506:00E35994
Aug 2503:00E35992
Aug 2500:00E35990
Aug 2421:00E35991
Aug 2418:00E35992
Aug 2415:00E35991
Aug 2412:00E40990
Aug 2409:00E40991
Aug 2406:00E40992
Aug 2403:00E45993
Aug 2400:00E45995
Aug 2321:00E50996
Aug 2318:00E50997
Aug 2315:00E50997
Aug 2312:00E50997
Aug 2309:00S60995
Aug 2306:00S65994
Aug 2303:00S70990
Aug 2300:00H175987
Aug 2221:00H175986
Aug 2218:00H175985
Aug 2215:00H175984
Aug 2212:00H180983
Aug 2209:00H185982
Aug 2206:00H185981
Aug 2203:00H185980
Aug 2200:00H185979
Aug 2121:00H190978
Aug 2118:00H190978
Aug 2115:00H190977
Aug 2112:00H190977
Aug 2109:00H190976
Aug 2106:00H190976
Aug 2103:00H195975
Aug 2100:00H2100974
Aug 2021:00H2100973
Aug 2018:00H2100973
Aug 2015:00H2100972
Aug 2012:00H2100972
Aug 2009:00H2100971
Aug 2006:00H2105971
Aug 2003:00H2105970
Aug 2000:00H2105970
Aug 1921:00H2105970
Aug 1918:00H2105970
Aug 1915:00H2100971
Aug 1912:00H2100973
Aug 1909:00H195974
Aug 1906:00H190976
Aug 1903:00H190977
Aug 1900:00H185979
Aug 1821:00H180983
Aug 1818:00H175987
Aug 1815:00S70989
Aug 1812:00S70991
Aug 1809:00S65992
Aug 1806:00S65993
Aug 1803:00S65994
Aug 1800:00S65995
Aug 1721:00S60996
Aug 1718:00S60997
Aug 1715:00S60997
Aug 1712:00S60998
Aug 1709:00S55999
Aug 1706:00S501000
Aug 1703:00S501000
Aug 1700:00S501001
Aug 1621:00S501001
Aug 1618:00S451002
Aug 1615:00S451002
Aug 1612:00S451003
Aug 1609:00S451003
Aug 1606:00S451003
Aug 1603:00S451003
Aug 1600:00S451003
Aug 1521:00S451002
Aug 1518:00S451002
Aug 1515:00S501002
Aug 1512:00S501002
Aug 1509:00S501001
Aug 1506:00S501001
Aug 1503:00S501000
Aug 1500:00S501000
Aug 1421:00S55998
Aug 1418:00S60997
Aug 1415:00S60995
Aug 1412:00S65994
Aug 1409:00S65992
Aug 1406:00S70991
Aug 1403:00S70989
Aug 1400:00H175987
Aug 1321:00H180983
Aug 1318:00H185980
Aug 1315:00H190976
Aug 1312:00H2100973
Aug 1309:00H2105969
Aug 1306:00H2110966
Aug 1303:00H3115962
Aug 1300:00H3120958
Aug 1221:00H3125956
Aug 1218:00H3125954
Aug 1215:00H3125952
Aug 1212:00H3125950
Aug 1209:00H3120955
Aug 1206:00H3115960
Aug 1203:00H2110965
Aug 1200:00H2105970
Aug 1121:00H2100971
Aug 1118:00H2100973
Aug 1115:00H195974
Aug 1112:00H190976
Aug 1109:00H190977
Aug 1106:00H185979
Aug 1103:00H185980
Aug 1100:00H180982
Aug 1021:00H175983
Aug 1018:00H175984
Aug 1015:00H175985
Aug 1012:00H175986
Aug 1009:00H175986
Aug 1006:00H175987
Aug 1003:00H175987
Aug 1000:00H175988
Aug 921:00S70989
Aug 918:00S70991
Aug 915:00S65992
Aug 912:00S65994
Aug 909:00S65993
Aug 906:00S70992
Aug 903:00S70990
Aug 900:00S70989
Aug 821:00S70988
Aug 818:00H175987
Aug 815:00H175986
Aug 812:00H180985
Aug 809:00H180983
Aug 806:00H180982
Aug 803:00H185980
Aug 800:00H185979
Aug 721:00H190978
Aug 718:00H190978
Aug 715:00H190977
Aug 712:00H190977
Aug 709:00H190977
Aug 706:00H190978
Aug 703:00H190978
Aug 700:00H185979
Aug 621:00H185980
Aug 618:00H185981
Aug 615:00H185982
Aug 612:00H180983
Aug 609:00H175984
Aug 606:00H175985
Aug 603:00H175986
Aug 600:00H175987
Aug 521:00S70990
Aug 518:00S65994
Aug 515:00S60996
Aug 512:00S50999
Aug 509:00S50999
Aug 506:00S501000
Aug 503:00S501000
Aug 500:00S451001
Aug 421:00S451001
Aug 418:00S451002
Aug 415:00S451002
Aug 412:00S401003
Aug 409:00S401003
Aug 406:00S401004
Aug 403:00D351004
Aug 400:00D351005
Aug 321:00D301006
Aug 318:00D301007

Major Hurricane Alberto 2000

Last Modified:

Satellite images and tracking maps of Category 3 Major Hurricane Alberto 2000, August 3 - 25. Max wind speed 125mph.